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Bare Bear Media is proud to announce the creation of a webpage on Baba Malay also known as Chakapan Baba - the language of the Peranakans.

Baba Malay in Singapore

Baba Malay is the language of the Peranakans, also known as Straits born.

Baba Malay Today Series

Sapa, Apa, Mana or Who, What, Where Amcham, Apasair, Bila or How, Why, When Tapi, Abis, Pasair or But, So, Because Atair, Kat, Bawah or Top, To, Bottom

I created the Baba Malay Today Series for Peranakan children.

Take a look inside the first book - Sapa, Apa, Mana

Table of Contents

This is the Table of Contents

Sapa or Who

I introduce the word to be learnt, in this case Sapa, by providing exercises.

Apa or What

I introduce other similar words, in this case Apa which means what.

Chobak or try

Then I test the knowledge learnt.

Book 3 - Tapi, Abis, Pasair - coming in 2023.

More Books

Chrita Chrita Baba - Collection of bilingual short stories

Chrita Chrita Baba Page

Baba Malay dictionary

Baba Malay Dictionary by William Gwee

More Resources Coming Soon


Dondeng Sayang

Peranakan Dondeng Sayang Youtube

Helpful Links

Comprehensive Site for the Peranakan Language - (This website also contains a free Baba Malay dictionary)

Baba Malay Website

Everything 2 Baba Malay

Everything 2 Baba Malay Website by Gak

The Learning Nonya

the learning nyonya

A Straits Born People and Language by Nala H. Lee

A Straits Born People and Language

Peranakans - Wikipedia

Wikipedia - Peranakans

Definition of Peranakan by Britannica


Information on Peranakan (Straits Born) Community


Currently, Baba Malay is on the list of endangered languages.

Endangered Languages Website

Historical Trajectories of Baba Malay and Its Role in Heritage Promotion of the Peranakan Community in Singapore by Lance Wu

Synergy Article

Peranakan Malay - Keeping the language alive - by Denise Lee

Denise Lee Article

Baba Malay Dialect by Tan Chee Beng

Tan Chee Beng Study

A grammar of Baba Malay with sociophonetic considerations

Baba Malay Grammar by Dr Nala Lee

A Baba bibliography : a select annotated listing of sources on the Peranakan Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia

Baba Malay Grammar by Dr Nala Lee

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AMCHAM, APASAIR, BILA or How, Why, When is available at: | | | | | |

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