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Bare Bear Media is proud to announce the creation of a webpage on Baba Malay also known as Chakapan Baba - the language of the Peranakans.

Baba Malay in Singapore

Baba Malay is the language of the Peranakans, also known as Straits born.

Baba Malay Today Series

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I created the Baba Malay Today Series for Peranakan children.

Take a look inside the first book - Sapa, Apa, Mana

Table of Contents

This is the Table of Contents

Sapa or Who

I introduce the word to be learnt, in this case Sapa, by providing exercises.

Apa or What

I introduce other similar words, in this case Apa which means what.

Chobak or try

Then I test the knowledge learnt.

Book 7 - Chakapan Baba Pantun - coming in 2025.

Baba Malay Books

Here is the title of a Baba Malay book written by my teacher Ken Chan.

Chrita-chrita Baba

It used to be sold at Kinokuniya Singapore but sadly it doesn't seem to be available any longer. He also had some copies for sale on his website but sadly the website has since been taken down due to a lack of interest in the language.

Hence the need for books. This is the reason I am producing a new series - New Peranakan Tales - coming in 2024.

More Books to come in 2024

There is no use producing textbooks if there is nothing for the new reader to practise on. This is the reason for producing a new series to complement BABA MALAY TODAY.

In the meantime, here is a very important resource- a dictionary.

Baba Malay dictionary

Baba Malay Dictionary by William Gwee

And a book on grammar.

A grammar of Baba Malay with sociophonetic considerations

Baba Malay Grammar by Dr Nala Lee

More Resources Coming Soon


Dondeng Sayang

Peranakan Dondeng Sayang Youtube

Helpful Links

Everything 2 Baba Malay

Everything 2 Baba Malay Website by Gak

The Learning Nonya

the learning nyonya

A Straits Born People and Language by Nala H. Lee

A Straits Born People and Language

Peranakans - Wikipedia

Wikipedia - Peranakans

Definition of Peranakan by Britannica


Information on Peranakan (Straits Born) Community


Currently, Baba Malay is on the list of endangered languages.

Endangered Languages Website

Historical Trajectories of Baba Malay and Its Role in Heritage Promotion of the Peranakan Community in Singapore by Lance Wu

Synergy Article

Peranakan Malay - Keeping the language alive - by Denise Lee

Denise Lee Article

Baba Malay Dialect by Tan Chee Beng

Tan Chee Beng Study

A Baba bibliography : a select annotated listing of sources on the Peranakan Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia

National Library Board Singapore Online

Interesting Peranakans

Meet some of the Peranakans actively working to save our culture.

Recently, I came across a well-researched cookbook by a fellow Peranakan.

Image of Alexius

Malaysian-born Alexius Wong, who is currently based in the USA, is a Baba whose parents hail from the Melaka Peranakan community. After 20 years of research and writing, he recently published “The Baba Nyonya Peranakans” book in which he details the history, culture, and daily practices of our precious culture, as well as sharing some of his grandmothers’ well-known recipes. He is also a blogger at where he recounts stories of him growing up in such a household while sharing more of his family recipes. He has also published his second book, Edible Memories, which features over 120 recipes, mostly Nyonya ones inherited from his grandmothers who were prodigious in the kitchen and expert kueh makers.

Alexius is a Spanish school teacher, pianist, writer, and photographer. His current mission is to research and document the traditions and customs that are quickly fading, hoping to make some relevant to contemporary life. He believes that we all can get in touch with distant memories through food to bring back cultural meaning and connection.

Baba Malay Banner showing 6 books


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